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‘Extant’ episode 6 recap: ‘We love heroes’

August 15, 2014

Leading up to episode 6 of Extant, we knew Molly’s baby “boy” wasn’t normal, but now it’s clear he is dangerous. Very dangerous.

At the beginning of “Nightmares,” the fetus (still sitting in a vat) compels an International Space Exploration Agency researcher to kill his colleague, after the former seemingly comes under its influence. He later tells ISEA director Alan Sparks that a former researcher named “Sarah” ordered him to commit the murder, and to liberate the fetus. My theory is that “Sarah” was really a vision/hallucination created by the fetus à la Molly’s Marcus sightings.

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‘Extant’ episode 5 recap: ‘It’s a boy’

Boy, oh, boy. Molly’s baby has arrived. But before we get a glimpse of this possibly extraterrestrial being, a whole lot happens in episode 5 of Extant, which dives right in to classic conspiracy-thriller territory à la The X-Files. (Incidentally, Extant executive producer Greg…

August 7, 2014